Partnering with AEME

Partnerships open the door for many more children and families to have access to high-quality neighborhood preschools—we Partner to Make it Happen!

We seek partners who share our vision and want an AEME preschool co-located in their community. We do the work to fund, plan, open and operate—and make it easy for our partners.

Do you have:

  • space for a pre-school—or the interest in planning with us to build or remodel a space?
  • connections with young families who would like to learn more about our preschools?
  • a shared vision to increase access to high-quality, tuition-free early childhood education?
  • an elementary school in your neighborhood where families would benefit from having a high-quality, full-day preschool?

Together, we can plan, open and operate high quality early childhood education classrooms that are financially strong for years to come.  Together we keep promises to the community and parents.

I’m so in love with what AEME has built with Alder Montessori/Alder Elementary School. I want every child in Oregon to have access to a program as thoughtful, loving and skilled as yours.


Make that dream happen.

— Dana Hepper, Director of Policy & Advocacy, Children’s Institute

The doors of the Alder classrooms open into the magic of Montessori. Happy. Busy. Independent. Creative. Watching the children confirms Montessori thrives when we give children what they need. That is happening at AEME/Alder Montessori.

— Sue Pritkzer,
Montessori Education Consultant

Alder Montessori is the starting point for kids and families at Alder. It is the place where partnerships with the whole family begin and independent learners begin to flourish.

— Joy Leising,
RSD Program and Partnership Administrator, Greater Than

AEME Partners With Public and Charter Schools

Benefits for ours Partners:

  • Parents tend to keep their children at an elementary school where they’ve had positive pre-K experiences.
  • Children thrive with the consistency of progressing at the same location.
  • Our Montessori focus on reading, writing, and language skills strength the child and help them be prepared for their educational journey to come.

What can happen when we do this:

  • Parents get access to tuition free preschool in their neighborhood or chosen charter school—geographic access—financial access.
  • Children can walk to school with their older siblings/ parents, or have access to safe student transportation from the school partner.
  • Children transition easily from our preschool into elementary classrooms.

Learn more about public Montessori programs in the US from the National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector.

AEME Partners with Community and Culturally Specific Organizations—Site Partnerships

What can happen when we do this:

  • Parents get access to tuition free preschool in a place that is convenient for them.
  • Children attend preschool where they live and play—this is great for parents and kids.
  • We will link children and parents to enter their elementary school when it is time! Our kids gain confidence and the language skills to express their needs and interests.

We’ll bring the quality, early education and resources.

Our site partners provide the space.

AEME Partners for Families Beyond the Classroom

What can happen when we do this:

  • We can increase connections with health programs for very young children and families.
  • We can offer parents books and resources to read to their kids and actively lead their education.
  • We can offer parents opportunities they want when they are able to utilize those opportunities.
  • Providers can gain feedback from parents on what they want, need, and value for their families.

AEME Partners With Funders

When we partner with a funder we make your contribution matter—great things happen:

  • We leverage private and government resources.
  • We can expand access and open new schools and classrooms.
  • We can provide excellence in early childhood education.
  • We can provide families and communities the Montessori option—kid centered education always.

Partnering to Make it Happen

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