Alder Montessori Interested Parents

Alder Montessori is co-located
at Alder Elementary School

Alder Elementary School
17200 SE Alder Street
Portland, OR 97233 (map)

Tel: (503) 491-2722
Fax: (503) 491-2725

About Alder Montessori

Alder Montessori is a tuition-free program with two classrooms serving 3-, 4-, 5-year-olds at entry inside Alder Elementary School. Open to young children living in the Alder neighborhood, this program helps prepare students for their lifetime of learning using the Montessori method of education.

Alder Montessori is funded in part by Preschool Promise, so new students must meet Preschool Promise eligibility requirements. Enrollment in the program is through a weighted lottery that takes place in late spring. Registration for the lottery will be open January 15 – May 31, and parents will be notified of their child’s placement in the program in July.



Learn More About Montessori Education

Montessori: A chance for the child to explore their natural curiosities


Centerpieces of the Montessori Experience

  • Pratical Life
  • Mathematical Mind
  • Sensorial
  • Language

What is Practical Life?

The everyday routines and practices of life such as caring for yourself and the enviroment.

The Mathematical Mind

In Montessori, mathematics lessons are more than numbers on paper.

Beautiful, interactive objects help teach through shapes, colors and physical examples of more advanced concepts.


Children use their senses to meet the world around them.

The sensorial materials in the Montessori classroom help the child become aware of details


We read books and sing songs to play with words.

This oral language is the beginning.

Once a child has enough words to communicate well, we practice hearing the sounds that make up those words.

Alder Montessori School Brochure


If you have a child who will be 3 or 4 years old by September 1, 2022 and would like to enter the lottery for our program, please fill out the online form linked below:

ENGLISH: Alder Montessori Lottery Interest Form

ESPAÑOL: Formulario de Inscripsción en la Lotería Alder Montessori

For more information about the lottery, or to learn more about the program, please contact Alder Montessori’s School Director, Shazia Abdulla, by calling or texting (503) 893-5598, or email

School Boundary

Families living within the Alder Elementary School Catchment area are prioritized for enrollment in Alder Montessori.  See the Reynolds School District School Boundary Map here:

Check the School Boundary Map


For more information on immunizations and the list of required immunizations by grade level, visit the Multnomah County School Immunizations webpage.

Food Program

Breakfast, lunch, and snacks provided by the Reynolds School District.

Student Transportation

Reynolds School District coordinates with Alder Montessori for student transportation. Special transportation sized right for very young children.

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