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Education is either a path to independence and self-determination, or a tool of indoctrination to the status quo.

We believe in the former.

Working Together

High-quality early learning is one door to the critical thinking and problem solving that build capable, independent learners.


We’re here to open that door.


We do this by building bridges between funders, school districts, and communities to put tuition-free Montessori classrooms in neighborhood schools.


We work with established community organizations, schools, and families to build programs where they are needed most. By collaborating with community leaders and systems we have greater capacity than we would on our own, so we can serve more families for longer.



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Why Early Learning?

Very young children are often dismissed as “just little kids”. That’s a mistake.

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Equity & Racial Justice


By supporting healthy socio-emotional and cognitive development, culturally responsive early learning is a powerful tool to help counteract the impact of systemic bias.

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