our covid-19 response

The people in our country hit hardest by the pandemic were already pushing upstream against biased systems, including education.

We are committed to staying true to our mission of increasing access to early education for children and families to help combat the added strain from Covid-19.

To meet our families’ needs we:

  • worked swiftly to adapt our Alder Montessori program to a comprehensive distance model
  • collaborated with community partners to equip each student with the tools for virtual learning
  • created packages of hands-on materials for students to practice skills at home
  • retained all classroom staff at full wages through the end of the contract year
  • launched a privately-served video site for students with fresh weekly content from classroom staff through the spring and summer
  • drafted contingencies and procedures for re-opening our classrooms once the risk of infection is reduced
  • launched a special appeal to raise funds for Covid-specific programmatic and community needs to provide the highest level of service possible



Alliance for Equity in Montessori Education
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